How to use our product


Contact to get credentials

Data assembly

While we get back to you, assemble your data to post to us. Just write each document in your corpus into a folder as a .txt file and compress that folder to a .zip file. Let's say you call it

Start It!

Start our services with a cURL:

curl --user your_user_name:your_password

This command starts the workers up.

Post it!

Post to our API with cURL:

curl --user your_user_name:your_password -F "file=@/path/to/" -F "title=my_data"

We wipe the posted raw data from our servers as soon as our AI is finished looking at it.

Get it!

If the post goes through, we'll send you an email link to your results as soon as they're finished. Download them and use them with pickle:

import pickle

reps = pickle.load(open('your_downloaded_file', 'rb'))

If you’re using python 3, specify an encoding:

reps = pickle.load(open('your_downloaded_file', 'rb'), encoding='latin1')